an invitation to endless wonder
-warehouse 13

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wednesday tv

And on to Wednesday tv viewing....I have to say not having a dvr is making my viewing schedule difficult this year. Tonight only 3 days in I was ready to call comcast and have my cable hooked back up. I didn't but was so close. Tonight has been a hulu night- watching Running Wilde, Warehouse 13, finishing The Chase, and right now Castle. I'm still angry with the way Castle ended last season so they are going to have to do some pretty great episodes this season to get me back.

Warehouse 13-I'm sad that HG is evil and intrigued with the thought that Claudia could replace Mrs.F. I feel that it's to soon for Pete to be falling in love. The Chase was pretty decent and the bad guy was truly scary. I will watch again although it is kinda an In Plain Sight wanna be. Running Wilde could be fun, I might save this one up and watch a few in a row.

Tomorrow night is Bones and Grey's Anatomy-I am super excited for the Christina/Owen wedding and not so much for Booth's new girlfriend. I was a late comer to Bones but I fell quick for them. I am so frustrated with the wiil they or won't they crap. Let's see if I make it to the end of this season.

Sweet Dreams

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