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Monday, September 20, 2010

New TV!

This is the first tv season in 9 years that I haven't had a dvr and I only have basic cable-which means no recording/pausing tv. I will have to choose what to watch each night live (commercials! the horror!) and what to try and catch the next day. 

In some cases it depends on the network (cw (this website is horrid for watching things, multiple commercials and slow connection speeds. Which means good-bye to One Tree Hill, Hellcats, Life Unexpected and Nikita.) and cbs are not on hulu) and in a few cases it depends on the show. For example NCIS always wins out over anything else as well as Bones. This means no Big Bang Theory till the next day however. The other factor will be based on what I have heard about the episode. I love spoilers and spend the a lot of time on my favorite website (ew.com, tvguide.com, eonline.com) seeing what people have to tell me. 

Tonight How I Met Your Mother won out over Chuck (although I am watching the last half hour) and The Event won out over Mike and Molly and lone star. As for the 10 o clock hour we will be heading to bed so that means Castle, Hawaii five-0 and Chase will have to wait until tomorrow. 

I enjoyed How I Met Your Mother-we got a little closer to Ted's wife and I choose to believe that the wedding we saw was Barney's and Robin's. I feel the same way that Lily does about being able to have a baby-what if I can't? 

Tomorrow I will weigh in on what I think of The Event but for now my cat is laying on wrist looking at me with big eyes that say love me!

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