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-warehouse 13

Friday, February 25, 2011

Did you miss me?

and after many many months I'm back! (Hello Kelsey, my one reader!)

Why you might ask was I gone so long? There is a baby on the way! Baby is set to make an appearance around June 7th and spent the first few months kicking my but. I'm finally feeling better and being more active so I thought I would try blogging again.

These last few months have been crazy, starting with morning (all day) sickness which I thought was the flu and ending with a pretty big baby bump now. I also turned 28, semi quit my job, and am cleaning masses of craft (sad) items out of my house to make room for the little one. On top of all of that around Christmas my Zena kitty was diagnosed with thyroid issues and we have been trying to sort out her medication.

I know that I will end up pretty busy in the next few months continuing to get ready so my goal is at least one post a week on something. Maybe somedays it will be a link, a photo, or just a few short words. We will see...

Thanks for welcoming me back and I promise next time I won't leave you for so long!

Kisses and Candy Canes