an invitation to endless wonder
-warehouse 13

Monday, September 27, 2010

Bad Villains make for Bad TV

I am watching The Chase right now and super frustrated with the villain of the week. He's a guy who was sent away to prison and the police auctioned off his cars, now he is going after the people who bought his cars and is killing them. We know that he is looking for something but still to kill people who bought his cars from a police auction it just isn't that great of a storyline. (he was looking for cash)

Also they completely underused Spike (with an Irish accent) in last week's episode of Hawaii 5-0, he was in it for a total of like 8 minutes! I would have watched Hawaii 5-0 all season if he had been the big bad. Now I might just tune in here and there.

Tired and Troubled

Friday, September 24, 2010


I don't like Lex 2.0-hold on let's see if he dies in this episode...ok he died so I only didn't have to like him for a little while. Not sure how I feel about Lex 2.5 (the soldier in the fire was a nice touch of his evilness)

Chloe just traded herself for Ollie-this makes me sad.

I do like Pa Kent and miss him and Ma.

Jor-El is stupid and Clark should never listen to him.

Nathan doesn't understand how I can't keep track of all of Superman's villians-they run together in my mind.

I have to go now my cat is stalking my meatloaf and I would like to finish eating it.

Super and Strength

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wednesday tv

And on to Wednesday tv viewing....I have to say not having a dvr is making my viewing schedule difficult this year. Tonight only 3 days in I was ready to call comcast and have my cable hooked back up. I didn't but was so close. Tonight has been a hulu night- watching Running Wilde, Warehouse 13, finishing The Chase, and right now Castle. I'm still angry with the way Castle ended last season so they are going to have to do some pretty great episodes this season to get me back.

Warehouse 13-I'm sad that HG is evil and intrigued with the thought that Claudia could replace Mrs.F. I feel that it's to soon for Pete to be falling in love. The Chase was pretty decent and the bad guy was truly scary. I will watch again although it is kinda an In Plain Sight wanna be. Running Wilde could be fun, I might save this one up and watch a few in a row.

Tomorrow night is Bones and Grey's Anatomy-I am super excited for the Christina/Owen wedding and not so much for Booth's new girlfriend. I was a late comer to Bones but I fell quick for them. I am so frustrated with the wiil they or won't they crap. Let's see if I make it to the end of this season.

Sweet Dreams

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Night Two of TV!

The Event was ok-I will give it till midseason break unless it gets really stupid and then I give up. Tonight I am watching NCIS and NCIS: LA. NCIS was pretty good thankfully resolving the Gibbs Dad might die story line quickly. I have to say I am not sure how I feel about having the brother shot his sister, this makes Gibbs seem very very cold. I did enjoy Director Vance telling the brother that if he threatens his agents then he will hurt him. I'm on the fence about Director Vance so this won me over a little more. I'm a little bothered by how revenge bent the sister was due to the fact that her dad killed Gibbs wife and daughter. It's not like Gibbs just shot him down for the fun of it. We also were given The Unwritten Rule. 

This season on NCIS I am hoping for more character development. I hear rumor that Tony is going to be upset with Gibbs for killing the dad and this will cause him to grow more. Ziva's dad is on his way back for some reason and we see that Tony's dad called him for help. Will this be the season of dads? This episode did end with Gibbs helping his Dad reset up his store. 

Currently I am watching NCIS: LA while I type this and it has my attention but not fully-so far a decent episode but I have no love for Deeks. I pretty much watch this show for Chris O'Donnell and LL Cool J and things blowing up. I mean who doesn't love pretty boys and explosives? Kenzie is very pretty and I do enjoy her and Hetty (who is Nathan's reason for watching the show). I will write about Deeks again at the end of the season and see if my feelings change for him. 

Tomorrow night I have Undercovers (new show!) and Criminal Minds (I can't watch this one to much due to how graphic and scary it is). 

Shimmer and Shine

Monday, September 20, 2010

New TV!

This is the first tv season in 9 years that I haven't had a dvr and I only have basic cable-which means no recording/pausing tv. I will have to choose what to watch each night live (commercials! the horror!) and what to try and catch the next day. 

In some cases it depends on the network (cw (this website is horrid for watching things, multiple commercials and slow connection speeds. Which means good-bye to One Tree Hill, Hellcats, Life Unexpected and Nikita.) and cbs are not on hulu) and in a few cases it depends on the show. For example NCIS always wins out over anything else as well as Bones. This means no Big Bang Theory till the next day however. The other factor will be based on what I have heard about the episode. I love spoilers and spend the a lot of time on my favorite website (ew.com, tvguide.com, eonline.com) seeing what people have to tell me. 

Tonight How I Met Your Mother won out over Chuck (although I am watching the last half hour) and The Event won out over Mike and Molly and lone star. As for the 10 o clock hour we will be heading to bed so that means Castle, Hawaii five-0 and Chase will have to wait until tomorrow. 

I enjoyed How I Met Your Mother-we got a little closer to Ted's wife and I choose to believe that the wedding we saw was Barney's and Robin's. I feel the same way that Lily does about being able to have a baby-what if I can't? 

Tomorrow I will weigh in on what I think of The Event but for now my cat is laying on wrist looking at me with big eyes that say love me!

Pumpkins and Pie

Saturday, September 18, 2010

and two more photos

The first two photos of September, for some reason I couldn't post them in my other post. 



I'm always playing catch up!

I just don't know how people keep up with updating things-life gets so busy! In the past 18 days, I have gone to Oregon for the weekend (played my first D & D game), helped out at a wedding (with an crazy great photobooth), started a class at my work and graduated a class at my work, baked a cake, made 6 layer rainbow jello!, watched quite a bit of tv (finally shows are coming back!), wrote a few letters, made a massive to do list, finally uploaded my most recent batch of photos, took a walk around the block just cause, finished my pen pal swap (only 3 more to go...), made three pairs of earrings, and put my suitcase away. Today I am off to help my friend move to her new house!

Here's new photos for you to enjoy!

Stars and Sunshine


No Photo