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Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Last week I happened to be looking at the door to our pantry and all of a sudden I went "It could be the door to the TARDIS." Nathan looked at me and said "sure hun, whatever you want." (I'm sure thinking that my desire to paint the door into a TARDIS would go away) I went on the hunt for the perfect shade of blue paint the next day (I found it at Freddy's). Here are the photos of the TARDIS coming to life. How do you like it?

Original Door (also photo of the day 8.24.10)

First coat of paint (also photo of the day 8.25.10)

2nd Coat of paint (also photo of the day 8.26.10)

Getting Closer (also photo of the day 8.30.10)

Final Door!

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