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Monday, August 9, 2010


This man took a photo every day for 18 years until he died. What started out as an accident turned into a photo journal of his life. Today I am 27 and a half years old-to some just starting out in my life and to others (like my 16 year old sister) I am all grown up. To me I am 5 and want to color or two and I want my blanket and then I am 18 and shy and 10 and fearless. I want to record my life for me or others or no one but I want a record that I was here. Starting today I am going to attempt to take a photo each day of my life. In this day of digital photography it's so easy to take hundreds of photos in a few minutes and that is a little like what day to day life feels like. So much in so quick a time-weather, mail, texts, twitter, tumblr, love, heartache, sex, drugs, life is here on the internet, on tv, on...on...on. Part of my goal is to stop, breathe, and pay attention to at least that one moment I take that photo. Even though I will be using a digital camera and keeping a blog instead of film and a journal each photo will be the only one I take for the photo of the day. If it's blurry or I find something I like better later in the day I won't substitute it. Some days it will be something that means something-other days it will be just a photo I snapped (I know at some point there will be an photo taken at 11:59pm of some meaningless item). 

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  1. Great idea. I love this, what a good way to try to be present. Way to go girl!